Polish truckers agree to halt border protests

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Polish truckers have agreed to halt protests that have blocked several border crossings with Ukraine since November, the Polish government said on Tuesday.

Minister of Infrastructure Dariusz Klimczak said the government had signed an agreement with the protesters which will lead to the suspension of protests until March 1 at three road border crossings: Korczowa, Hrebenne, and Dorohusk.

Under the agreement, the Polish government has pledged to seek changes to European Union (EU) rules, secure EU funding for transport firms, and introduce stronger enforcement of controls on the Ukraine border.

Representatives of the transport industry emphasized that if the results prove unsatisfactory, protests will resume.

Polish truck drivers started to block border crossings on Nov. 6, complaining that their business has been undercut by Ukrainian firms. They urged the EU to reinstate commercial permits for Ukrainian companies to operate in the bloc, which were waived soon after the outbreak of the conflict in Ukraine

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