The Israel-Gaza war is exposing Europe’s divisions

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The ongoing war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza has not only caused a humanitarian crisis in the region but also revealed the deep divisions within Europe over how to respond to the conflict.
The difference between EU bloc inside and disagreement with the US has been increasing in many European nations.
While some European countries have expressed solidarity with Israel and condemned Hamas’ rocket attacks, others have called for an immediate ceasefire and criticized Israel’s disproportionate use of force.
The EU’s foreign policy chief, Josep Borrell, has tried to broker a common position among the 27 member states but has faced resistance from both sides of the spectrum. Countries such as Sweden, Ireland, and Luxembourg have urged Israel to respect international humanitarian law and stop the bombing of civilian targets in Gaza. They have also advocated for the recognition of a Palestinian state and the end of the Israeli occupation.
Many European public is outrage from the Israel bombing targeting hospital and. Killing civilians. The horrific targeting of hospitals sparks major controversy inside Europe where the US, UK, and EU bloc are all partners in war crimes.
According to the latest figures more than 11,000 civilians have been killed by Israeli forces. The majority of these strikes have been on the residential buildings and hospitals deliberately.
The war has exposed how weak and divided Europe is in the face of a major geopolitical crisis, and how much it needs to rethink its role and strategy in the Middle East.

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